If you are saying ‘all lives matter’ then it is problematic….

People who are using #alllivesmatter as a backlash for #blacklivesmatter, they are either ignorant or racist or both.

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The brutal murder of George Floyd has shocked many. Since the whole video was out and he was killed in the most inhumane way. Derek Chauvin, a corrupt police officer, kneeled on Geroge Floyd’s neck for about 8 minutes and continued kneeling on Floyd’s neck for 2 minutes and 53 seconds even after he became unresponsive. ‘I can’t breathe, man’ ‘Please let me stand. Please, man’ these were the last words said by George Floyd. I didn’t want to watch the video because I knew I wouldn’t be able to handle that kind of violence mentally. But social media kind of forced me to view it. I couldn’t go through the whole video. My conscience didn’t let me. Soon after the video was posted on the internet, it became viral. The #BLACKLIVESMATTER started trending. But as a backlash, many people took to Twitter, Instagram or Facebook to share the #alllivesmatter. Saying “All Lives Matter” redirects the attention from Black lives, who are the ones in peril.

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How the Black lives Matter movement started

In 2013 three black women, Alicia Grazia, Patrisse Cullors and Opal Tometi founded the BLM, following the acquittal of Trayvon Martin’s murderer, Geroge Zimmerman in Florida. The phrase Black Lives Matter is not just a statement of truth but has evolved into a rallying cry to right the wrongs that the black community has been suffering from over the last hundred years.

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The meaning behind Black Lives Matter

The phrase BLM is an anthem, a slogan, a hashtag and a straightforward statement of fact. BLM speaks out against injustice caused by police and the systematic racism that caused the recent deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Tony Mcdade and Breonna Taylor, as well as thousands of violent incidents that happen to black people. These incidents that aren’t recorded, arent reported, or aren’t afforded the attention they deserve. As per statistics shows, black people are twice as likely to be killed by a police officer while unarmed compared to a white individual. One of the goals of the BLM is to raise awareness that we, as a nation, need to consider our priorities. The main focus for BLM is to eradicate white supremacy and intervene in violence that has been inflicted on black communities through proper advocacy, fundraising and education.

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The problem in saying #alllivesmatter

When I saw the #alllivesmatter, I thought it was well-intentioned. But as I read more posts across social media, I understood the problem behind it. It was mostly racists who felt the need to say not only black lives matter but all lives matter. I wish that all lives really mattered because if it did the #blacklivesmatter wouldn’t exist. If you are using the #allivesmatter, it may seem well-intended by implying that all lives should be viewed equally, but it actually serves only to further defend the current state of inequality. As a backlash to the phrase ‘Black lives matter’ it acts to destroy and suppress the voice of black people challenging the status quo. It is pure ignorance to use ‘all lives matter’ just to denote the idea that many different groups of people are currently suffering in the world. It is a statement that became a slogan that evolved into a movement. All lives should matter, and all beings will matter when black lives will matter equally. The day when racists, homophobes, misogynists and other haters of this society will lose their battle against their hatred that day, all lives will matter. Unfortunately, that’s not the current situation.

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People those who are using the #alllivesmatter they shouldn’t be cancelled but rather be educated. We have to raise awareness because even today racism, white supremacy exists. We all can work together to destroy the racial bias. It is going to be hard and uncomfortable. But nothing worth doing is easy. There’s nothing more important than creating a world where all lives equally matter. Where all our children don’t have to be afraid to walk through an unfamiliar neighbourhood, to browse a high-end store or even ask a police officer for help no matter the colour of their skin.

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